Travolier is born from the love of traveling. Not just usual traveling, but also one that is enriching & rewarding. Where both the traveler as well as the contracted hotel/ vacation homeowner earns loyalty coins as cashback on travel bookings, payments, for social media posts and reviews.

Travolier is a modern traveler's social club, powered & rewarded with TravolierGOLD, created by a team of international luxury hoteliers, blockchain, and innovation experts.

Our Award-winning TravolierGOLD, the one travel reward currency, provides access to multiple brands and bespoke privileges at wholesale rates. TravolierGOLD can be monetized, traded, or redeemed for all travel-related payments.

Currently, the platform features over 600K+ hotels in 185+ countries, with 700 Airlines at wholesale rates exclusive to members only.


New-age loyalty is about creating traveler-centric bookings that are rewarding & a social infrastructure where everyone wins.

Here is what you can expect as a Travolier:

  • Tailor-made experiences based on your needs & budget
  • Personalized service to assist you
  • Wholesaler rates as some of the best hotels & airlines around the world
  • Payments using credit & debit cards, cryptocurrency, and TGOLD
  • Up to 4% cashback on spends in TGOLD

2019 Travolution Award

Winner: "Best Technology innovation" and
Nominated: Best Start-up

Key Upcoming Features:


Discover an intuitive platform and a simple three-step booking system – search, select, book.

Unmatched Prices

Travolier takes intermediaries – and their high fee – out of the picture, maximizing profitability for hotel owners and offering travelers unbeatable prices. Boutique hotel owners can directly connect with our extra-net to connect directly with our members and access the member's profile. Member hotel owners can sell hotel rooms directly to our traveler members.

Millions of Memories

With countless features, a local Experience Ambassador and a growing network of hotels and high-end vacation rentals to choose from, Travolier move away from the current "heads and beds" model to focus on personalization and experience.


Hotel owners, travelers, and operators have one infrastructure designed to simplify transactions and protect all party's interests.


All platform users are vetted, but we do not stop there. Hotel photos and reviews are also verified—no more uncertainty or false reviews/ratings to inflate or hurt reputations.


Travolier is much more than an innovative hotel-booking platform. It is backed by a diverse team of industry experts and award-winning partners who believe in a different future for the hospitality industry.

S.M.E. Corporate

Business travelers can have similar privileges like an elite traveler not limited to wholesale rates or utilizing our travel concierge desk to plan your travel.

For the first time, Travolier gives small and medium-sized hotels access to a platform where they can finally compete


… holistic reward for all hotel & airline brands

… travel reward currency

… blockchain-backed travel database - traveler, home/hotel owner & leisure service provider

… decentralized travel exchange – travel token marketplace

… platform connects travel fintech, travel posts to travel booking to rewards

… platform club's boutique hotels, home, leisure service providers & traveler earns rewards

Dear Travolier Members,

Thank you for choosing us as your travel partner.

We reward your loyalty regardless of where you decide to stay. You can even earn TravolierGOLD while booking flights, car rentals, and various leisure activities.

We created our loyalty program tailored to you — which is why your TravolierGOLD can be traded or monetized whenever you choose. Unlike with loyalty points, the valuation is not set by a brand but is determined by tokenomics and managed by smart contracts.

Our goal is to create a holistic hospitality & travel platform that benefits everyone, from travelers to hotel owners and vendors. With TravolierGOLD, our mission is to give power back to the people & businesses that fuel the hospitality industry with a transparent, secure ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Welcome to the future of travel and loyalty!

Rana Mukherji

C.E.O. and Founder

Our Mission and Vision

We are not just disrupting the industry or challenging its biggest problems, we are building a legacy. With core partnerships, revolutionary technology and a diverse team of experts, we will empower small operators, rethink the entire industry infrastructure and innovate as we build a synchronized hospitality community of service providers, hospitality vendors and tech solutions unlike any other.

Join the Future of Hospitality!


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